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A basic, non romantic, view of the historical struggle to distribute and control concentrated power.

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An unpublished work of literary fiction.

A young girl is nearly undone by the frightful crush of history, the twisting contradictions of love, and the explosive potential of Chelonial grace.

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Short Bio:  Joe Panzica

After living and teaching in Western Massachusetts for most of my life, I moved to Sunapee, NH to devote myself to writing. In an effort to promote this book and future works, I have built a website at For the last few years I have also been blogging at,, and sometimes at I am a member of the New Hampshire Writers Project and WriteAction. Like my characters I am interested in (but do not understand) literature, pop culture, music, religion, history, and theoretical physics.

I am currently working on a second novel: I Wanna Be Evil


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