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Saint Gredible

Table of Contents

 and Her Fat Dad’s Mass

House of Quips

Joe Panzica

     with illustrations by Joseph A. Panzica Jr.

Kootsie Boobie.jpg

21.    Three Generations of Imbeciles   

22.    The Knapsack

23.    A Love Supreme

24.    Unlucky Lindy’s

25.    Sea of Monsters

26.    Snot Girl

27.    Butterflies Are Not Free

28.    Another Cut

29.    Aftermath

The Cruelest Month

ALBAckbik sitting.png

  12.    Are We There Yet?

  13.    Under Water

  14.    The Land of Kootsie Boobie

  15.    Only Forward

  16.    Stacked

  17.    On the Road Again

  18.    Jew Barbecue

  19.    Where Ya Been All My Life?

  20.    The Edge of the Known Universe

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