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Saint Gredible

Table of Contents

 and Her Fat Dad’s Mass

Simmering Summer Kills

30.    Here’s Mud on Your Thigh

31.    Sea of Holes 

32.    Free Speech

33.    I’ve Been Waiting So Long

34.    Hydration Station

35.    Check It Out

36.    memor rem suscipit

37.    Transplant

38.    Money Shiva

39.    The Weaver of Baghdad

40.    What I Don’t Know Alone, I’ll Never Forget 

41.    Mother Love

42.    We Are the Stories We Tell Ourselves

Home for the Jolly Days


Credo Credulamus of unReformed DisOrthodox Chelonialism:


Joe Panzica

     with illustrations by Joseph A. Panzica Jr.

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