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Chelonian Infinity

Credo Credulamus of unReformed DisOrthodox Chelonialism:




   all the way down


   all the way up


   all the way in


    all the way out

Acknowledgement: Worship: A Love Supreme




   existing, absorbing, emitting, propagating, expanding, contracting, melding, unfolding,      

   enfolding, suffusing, infusing, mutually trespassing, and endlessly blinking in and out on 8

   edgeless dimensions of ceaseless creation

   densely distorted by the porous selves of our four-dimensional sense shells.

Resolution: Universality: A Love Supreme


   each a multiverse insinuating into every planck of every universe

   each enveloping all

   each procreating ever new permutations through fission, fusion, explosion, implosion

   each ever changing

   an infinity of contingencies

eight dimensional constellations of spiraling:

Johns, Pauls, Georges, and Ringos (first)

Raphaels, Michalangelos, Donetallos, and Leonardos (second)

Bachs, Dylans, Colranes, Mozarts, Gershwins, Joe Hills, Primas, and Irving Berlins (third)

Michaels, Gabrialws, Lucifers, Clarences, and Tiny Tims (fourth)

Alfred E Newmans, Karamazovs, Yosasarians, Blooms, Falstaffs, and Harry Potters (sixth)

Camus, Einsteins, Aristotles, Neitzches, Feynmans, Snoopies, and Yodas (seventh)

Ringos, Georges, Pauls, and Johns (eighth)

   Spiraling within and throughout all harmonies

Pursuance: Creation: A Love Supreme

Unexhausting in astonishment, salvation, climax, and transcendence

Unremittingly creating

Psalm: Gratitude: A Love Supreme

Sea of Holes

Sea of Monsters

It’s all Too Much

Nothing’s Too Much: Just Outta Sight

You Know My Name

Look Up the Number

Like 'Maxwell's Silver Demon

Uncompletely 'Pataphysical

and that's not all.

O bla Di

O bla Da


Be Here Now


A Love Supreme

Awaiting on You All

Bohm Bohm Bohm Bohm boomerang

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