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Imagine the police across the US as a force for peace and nonviolence!

How much of policing really needs to be about guns or even "arrests"?

Too Radical?

Is it too 'radical" to suggest that police should not carry guns 95% of the time?


Does it sound TOO Radical?

Aren't the British "Coppers" famous for being generally unarmed?

Click on The Peelian Principles below to see tried and true guidelines in practice all over the world since 1829

Remember OBAMA?

(Back when we had a president who had character, who believed in good government, who tried to do positive things and tried to unite us?)

Seems like a LONG TIME AGO!

Doesn't it?

Maybe he actually KNEW ENOUGH to ask experts and activists to forge a decent plan?

Click below and see if you agree

Do you think it's wise for the police to be armed for a BATTLE SPACE?

Don't you feel that it's up to all of us to take our citizenship seriously and make sure the police actually DO WORK FOR US to PROTECT AND SERVE everybody?

Are you ready to help implement SOLUTIONS?

Click below for "Campaign ZERO" Solutions

Yes, "ZERO" means NO MORE police MURDERS!

Campaign ZERO.png

Or are you ready to

Take Action

on your own?

No, I don't mean harassing your hard-working local police department or starting your own vigilante posse.

I mean putting DEMOCRACY to WORK!

Can you copy and paste?

(It's better if you use your own words, but ANYTHING is better than NOTHING!)

Only five percent of police arrests are for violent crimes. Is a gun necessary to look for a lost child, to deal with mental health issues or to direct traffic?  How often do GUNS make minor problems into major ones?

Please check out all the links above for excellent research, REAL FACTS, and other ways to make a difference.

It might just save your life - or someone else's!

DEMOCRACY is not a spectator sport!

It's a constant STRUGGLE!


What about doing science to promote justice?

And what about reshaping gun culture and ending gun violence in our society?

Gun Safety.png
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