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Write your Congressperson and your TWO Senators

Don't know who they are?

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Click above to find your Senators

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Don't know what to write?

Check out the sample text below,

but feel free to change it or totally use your own words!



Dear (Senator/Congressperson) (It's better if you use their name here.)

I am your constituent and I vote!

I support the police and the rule of law.  I also know that nobody hates a bad cop more than a good cop.  Because of this I want you to sponsor, support, and take responsibility for getting the president to sign legislation that will make the police more effective and our communities much safer.

Obviously police departments are local and state responsibility, but the national government has a role in funding and setting standards.

Given recent craziness, shouldn't we really start considering how to effectively disarm the police for most practical purposes?


That would bring about a different type of police force and attract the RIGHT kind of recruits.  Then training and management would be a lot better, wouldn't it?

In the short run, this means an immediate ban on chokeholds and strangleholds. (They are two DIFFERENT things! Did you know that?  Well, they are, and they are both CRAZY!) 

But maybe those guns should stay locked up 99% of the time?


Is a gun necessary to look for a lost child?

Is a gun necessary to deal with a traffic incident or to direct traffic?

Is a gun necessary (or even helpful) in dealing with domestic disturbances or mental health issues?

Should cops really be toting guns into pizza parlors and donut shops? Should they be bringing them into schools?

How often do guns transform a minor problem into a major tragedy?  How often are guns even really needed?

Please reinvigorate the Obama Twenty-First Century Policing Guidelines and promulgate the solutions itemized on the Project Zero website (an offshoot of “Black Lives Matter”)

Frightened cops with guns is a situation that could lead to the US Army mowing us down in the streets.

Take charge of this situation!  DOMINATE IT!

And if you don't like my ideas, then please work with the Congressional Black Caucus on their bill to make policing more effective, safer, and better for ALL communities!


(Your name here.  You did read this and make some changes, didn't you? Otherwise, your letters won't count for too much - especially if you didn't delete all THIS red text.  Having SOME text that is the same as other letters is ok.  It shows your representative or senator that you are part of a larger movement!)

Remember You have TWO senators and ONE representative!

You will have to go to their website and click on "CONTACT ME".  Then you will fill in a form where there will also be a place to type your letter or paste something in.


Did you send a letter to each of your two senators and one to your representative?


You are a good citizen and you have just completed a CHELONIAN MITSVAH 

Now you can listen to Ringo.

Be careful on those skis! (Remember poor Sonny Bono?)

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