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Uncle Joe Biden and the Sad Establishment Blues

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

There's a whole lotta shaking goin' on!

Perhaps enough by now to gratify those calculating "souls" who lauded trimp as "the lesser of two evils" in 2016, perhaps on the undisputed basis that the donald had no credible connection to chains of pizza eating child molesters. Those same types are surely pleased as pinch with the government shutdown threatening to become an endless grind spinning off enough essential workers, skilled or otherwise, to render the dismantled capacities of everyday governmental functioning unrestorable in the foreseeable bleakness. 

Most of those plodding sloggers are Dems anyway, ain't they?

In the meantime, previously mild-mannered reporters are sparking the temerity to ask a sitting president* of the United States of Murica whether he is now or had never been a paid agent of the Russian Kremlin oligarchic mattress sniffing conspiracy. 

Dasvidanya Azul! (That means you, trimp!)

This all came about because something happened in the 1930s when the Federal Gubmint in its infinitesimal wisdom decided it was time to start treating (white) workingmen like persons instead of shooting them down in the streets as was the bloody custom between 1870 and 1937.  All THAT nonsense got outta hand when, by the early 1970s, unskilled assembly line workers could pull in today's equivalent of $50 per hour and afford to take vacations and maybe send their kids to college. But then when neoliberal Dems and Reaganites had been dismantling the New Deal for several decades, the children and grandcritters of those workers started getting sullen, putting the blame on brown-skinned immigrants and the libtards who run the deep state from their Social Security Administration offices, the Library of Congress, the Center for Disease Control, and the Consumer Protection Agency.

Clearly, our established systems for getting things done had been failing the majority of us for quite some time and something had to be done about it. 

So chaos.

And now the New York Times is pleading with Joe Biden to toss his cap into the frayed body politic.

Well, actually the call comes from columnist David Leonhardt who quite reasonably wants to encourage our only responsible nationwide party to have a wide-ranging field of diverse viewpoints and skill sets. Biden, for all his charm and hard earned "gravitas" (the guy is a mensch who has weathered unspeakable loss and tragedy), may be too closely tied to Wall Street and corporate America for him to serve as a truly credible agent of change or systemic preservations. My personal opinion is that Biden's best option in the upcoming presidential primary is for him to be the “lead laughing attack dog”. He has the rhetorical chops to eviscerate trimp and any trimpulist who debates him with derisive aplomb and to then abruptly pivot into a soulful solemn jeremiad about a “president”* who can credibly be accused of being a Russian agent while teachers have to go on strike to get enough notebooks and pencils for their overloaded classrooms.

Is Biden really too corporate? Fairness (and in his case, decency) requires an open mind.

And corporations for all their tyrannical sins are bound to be an integral part of our economy and society for generations as they have been for well over a century now. Hopefully, they will play a responsible role in a 21st century Green New Deal which will overall our transportation and utility infrastructures as well as retrofit all our public and private buildings for energy efficiency and structural sustainability. Hopefully, corporate America will see how it will profit from a universal healthcare system untethered from employment. Hopefully, they will offer wholehearted support to a life long educational system which emphases democratic responsibility and critical thinking as much as it does in developing "their" workforce.


Can Uncle Joe help them see the light and lead the way for corporations to be committed institutional protectors of citizens and not immortal greed soaked people monsters with soulless limited liability?

Can he?

We will be fooled again. Of that, there is no doubt. But we need to be as serious and as generous as we are shy of being repeatedly chumped and plucked like the pigeons we are.

Tell us it's so, Uncle Joe!

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