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The Idiot Elite (0.1%) and Mass Misery

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

When people are optimistic and doing well, they are more generous and more open to the abstract ideas of liberalism (rule of law, limited government, and countervailing powers). When people are pessimistic and feel like they are falling behind, they are more “conservative” and more tolerant of hate, threats of violence, disruptions, and authoritarianism.

Governmental power in the United States is divided and checked by constitutional limitations, the checks & balances of Federalism, and other forms of institutional separation of powers. Private power in the United States is highly concentrated in very few hands and is increasingly irresponsible and dangerous. The idiot elite (0.1%) have a vested interest in keeping the majority of us miserable, insecure, and bitterly divided. They depend on keeping us ignorant and pessimistic about government, and when they can, they stock government offices with incompetents and grifters so as to demonstrably discredit the idea that governments can serve the people.

The private power of the very rich needs to be countered and reduced by the forces of government and other institutions including labor unions. Otherwise, the idiot elite (0.1%) will destroy our planet’s ability to support organized human life. It's that bad. Luckily, it is not required that the 99% unite in some shared belief system.  It is only required that all of us (to the best of our ability) do our best to understand the complexities and urgencies of our times.  This means recognizing the vested interests of those who set themselves against the needs and the human rights of the majority.

Joe Panzica (Author of Democracy STRUGGLES! and Saint Gredible and Her Fat Dad's Mass for which he is seeking an agent . . .)

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