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Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Yes, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are taking big risks.

It’s always dangerous taking on the rich and the powerful to support the ordinary, the struggling, the trodden upon, and the bewildered. One reason it’s so risky is that the people, whom true heroes fight to protect and to uplift, may be easily turned against them when they aren’t simply persuaded to stop their ears and walk away.

Yes, they are taking a big chance.

And so are we if we support them.

There is NO solid evidence that any true democracy has EVER worked, or that the majority of any population has what it takes to manage our own self-government in ways that don’t catastrophically lead to even more predation by the few upon the many.

Right now we have a “leader” with a genius for whipping our worst instincts toward predation, domination, and self-destruction. Elizabeth and Bernie believe we can do better - and THAT is a very risky course to take.

They are called dreamers. Fantasists!

But WHAT nightmares of emptiness do their detractors “believe” in?

Joe Panzica is the author of Democracy STRUGGLES! and Saint Gredible and Her Fat Dad's Mass.  He is currently working on his second novel, I Wanna Be Evil.

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