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Where's Gretty in

The Garden State?



Try The Bookworm on Claremont Road in Bernardsville.

Or... [words] Bookstore in Livingston?

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If your bookstore doesn't appear when you click on a link:


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Near the upper right corner.

  An Illustrated Novel  

When in Manasquan, she lurks at Booktowne.

Not known for GETTING ALONG, she'd love disrupting the Asbury Book Cooperative.

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The Cloak and Dagger in Princeton is the perfect place to corner Greddy And Second Time Books in Mount Laurel Township would be more than pleased if you took her off their hands. Still, if you're in Fair Haven, you would be doing them a great service to liberate them from her at River Road Books (on where else, but River Road!). She's more of a monkey wrench than a little jewel, but she's known to lurk at places like HIDDEN GEMS Literary Emporium in New Brunswick...

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But if you (as a responsible adult) do insist. . .

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Barnes and Noble
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