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Why Not Warren?

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Morons and troublemakers wanna claim Warren has no appeal to middle America, but she was raised and formed in Oklahoma.

Idiots and lazybrains bleat Warren is too "extreme", but all she wants to do is make our complex systems work for ordinary people.

We need a Green New Deal (renewing our energy and transportation infrastructures to offer sustainable jobs, redistribute income, and combat climate change).

We need a commitment to Universal Healthcare and lifelong education to offer citizens some basic security while also bolstering the habits of mind required for a functioning democracy

We need predistribution of wealth to make sure the markets are level playing grounds. And we need Corporate Accountability to reverse the dangers to democracy (as well as to human freedom and dignity) caused by irresponsible concentrated wealth.

If someone else can credibly claim they will do their best to advance these goals, I'll consider voting for him or her. Bernie is still in the running. But Warren, being younger and female, has more potential (I think) to mobilize the most active elements of the Democratic Party base while also bringing in younger and minority voters who are so turned off by ClintonObamaBiden politics as usual.

It's time for politicians and leaders who have taken their stand a decent distance away from the snares of Wall Street and our oligarchic overlords (the ones who destroy jobs, misinvest our wealth, and wreak our economy while supporting the most dangerous forms of anti-democratic extremism).

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