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Updated: Jun 27, 2020

A cadre of honest civil servants including an anonymous whistleblower. A coven of convicted (or yet to be caged) canaries including Rudi Giuliani just aching to sing. Pending court cases involving impunity regarding tax returns. A marked tendency to disrupt and self-shame.


“In ancient Greek religion, Nemesis (/ˈnɛməsɪs/; Ancient Greek: Νέμεσις), also called Rhamnousia or Rhamnusia ("the goddess of Rhamnous"), is the goddess who enacts retribution against those who succumb to hubris (arrogance before the gods). Another name is Adrasteia (or Adrestia), meaning ‘the inescapable”’ — Wikipedia

But is Nemesis coming for trimp?

For democracy and the rule of law?

Or for us?

Is America condemned to pay for decades and centuries of hypocrisy and violence regarding racism and empire?

Or is insatiable humanity which hubristically despoils land, water, air (and even “outer space where there is no air) being sloughed off like a nagging infection with a global band of autocrats (of which trimp is only one) acting as implacable anti-bodies?

Who will tell our story when we are gone?

Joe Panzica is the creator of Democracy STRUGGLE'S.  He is also the author of the unpublished Saint Gredible and Her Fat Dad's Mass and is working on a second novel: I Want to be Evil.

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