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He Who Will Die

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Strummer and Jones sang out “He who will die is he who will kill”. Not largely true in the actual practical working out of this wild world, but still resonant with a deep type of truth.

In the actual practical working out of this wild world indiscriminate access to guns leads to suicide and accidents far more than it leads to mass shootings whether in schools, mosques, synagogues, workplaces or random assemblies in parking lots or campgrounds.

The more we understand how guns are used, misused, and made available, the more important it is for serious people to demand sensible restrictions and regulations using laws, market interventions, education, and all the tools available for social change.

The unserious, dishonorable, and lame minded who say nothing can or should be done need to be recognized for what they are - and their ”opinions” should be discounted appropriately.

(It seems like an interesting story how this young woman was able to purchase a shotgun.)

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