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Green New Deal Phobia

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

For now, Democratic voters might think twice about embracing a candidate whose dark, distorting ideas about America bear such an uncomfortable resemblance to those of the president they detest.” — Bret Stevens scribing about Elizabeth Warren

And then Democrats (and all democrats too) should think thrice about the shifty facile obfuscations and “both-siderist” dismissals of the absolute reality that America, like every other complex society, has powerful oligarchic tendencies while our fundamental infrastructures are being threatened on a global scale by climate change.

And THEN maybe we will think twice as deeply into relatively our recent history to see how idiotic oligarchic power can be democratically contained, reduced, and channeled for the good of other elements of society. We need only look at the New Deal of the 1930s and how it was hobbled from its beginnings by the racist Southern Wing of the Democratic Party, but still revitalized our culture and economy.

Now we have the opportunity for a broader-based, more transformational, Green New Deal. Actually, we have more than an “opportunity”. We have a visceral survivalist mandate to do so - if we can accomplish much before the effects of greenhouse gas induced global warming disrupts all organized human effort.

A Green New Deal strikes fear into the hearts of a tiny (idiot) 0.1% elite and the multitudes of scribes, Pharisees, and hacks who shill for their (self)destructive greedy instincts. Let’s hope we think thrice before crediting THEM at all.

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