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We Have Met the Enemy and . . .

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

It really is not the people taunting us with NAZI salutes who should worry us. It's definitely not the creeps who wear sheets or the mutterers who subscribe to the Daily Stormer.

It's the ordinary "salt of the earth" normal folk who like what trimp says about elites and immigrants and who think what trimp says and does is "no big deal". These are the types that give consent to fascism.

And we have much to seriously worry about.

Some of these good people are only superficially resonant with gobbeldigook about "blood and soil" or "white nationalism". Some simply relish the chaos and the outrage. Then there is a large contingent of the religiously devout who see trimp as God's imperfect instrument to "restore" a lost order of decency and justice overrun by secularism, drugs, gays, the UN, and money power etc. etc. etc.

We know there are people like Steve Bannon, now cavorting with Vatican malcontents and authoritarian populists in Europe, while Breitbartlike media entwines itself with Russian (and homegrown) trollmasters throughout the soup of stupid we call "the social network". But his ilk is probably not as dangerous as the legions of opportunists seeking to profit from whatever is unearthed during the current disruptions.

Thank goodness for the naive, opportunistic, studious, and hard charging Democratic Socialists who seek to generate visions of realistic hope. We can overhaul our infrastructures of education, healthcare, transportation, and energy to relieve, reform and redistribute our way to a possible future.

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