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The Critics SPEAK about Saint Gredible and Her Fat Dad's Mass!

  • An unreadable paeon to James Joyce and the Beatles disguised as a raucous meditation on human atrocity. What is he going on about? -- Sir Percy Thrillington

This is an interminable story about an autistic pubescent girl and her fat dad which builds a powerful case against the idea of ever having children (or buying a house). -- Angelina Jolie

  • Everybody dies! I'd rather watch a snuff flick with my first two wives than read this again. -- Larry King

I thought this book was to be about Simone Weil and the intersection between the Holocaust and the Inquisition, but it's actually an abortive attempt to understand particle physics and the dimensions which inform the cross-section of existence we call reality in space and time. -- Elaine Pagels

  • The author would have been well advised to publish the children's stories separately. At least that way he would not have insulted the intelligence of those of us who take our Judeo-Christian heritage as a serious birthright. -- Stephen Colbert

Panzica's agonizingly awkward attempts at shriveled humor only underscore the bleakness which both underlies and suffocatingly envelopes this twisted set piece of tangled tales. -- Malcolm Muggeridge

  • A young girl loses each and every member of her immediate family to death and despair (or both). Then she and her trust fund settle in with some childless blues state slackers. There! We just read this so you don’t have to.  -- Reviews R Us

The nihilism and despair which led to and emanate from "civilization scale" atrocities like the Holocaust pulse through every passage especially those concerning "Chelonialism" which is the jejune attempt by the fat dad of the title to craft a set of iconic images concerning the creative power of nothingness. -- Peter Higgs

  • "Seinfeld" was an entertaining (to some) series of incidents about "nothing". Fortunately, that series was canceled by the deep state Jewish conspiracy. Turning off Seinfeld required one to make the exertion of reaching for the remote. Fortunately, for once again American Greatness, no effort at all is required to NOT buy or read this pathetic excuse for a book. Sad! -- Donald J. Trump

John Lennon was already assassinated once. If I have to relive that again, I rather do it while drinking absinthe and listening to Syd Barrett bootlegs. -- Roger Waters

  • I find myself vaguely resenting each and every reference to me and my mates. We really don’t deserve this sort of treatment, you know. -- Sir Paul McCartney

Mercifully, there are quite many more references to turtles than to chimpanzees. -- Jane Goodall

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